Thursday, March 8, 2012


Well well well it has ben along time since my last post. Having finished our trip in Nairobi on the 16th February TJ and I have had a relaxing time of it making our way down to Livingstone to begin our next tour. Usually after finishing in Nairobi we would nip next door to Uganda for a couple of weeks to visit the Gorillas but alas there has been some rescheduling which has seen us heading down south to begin a trip here in Zambia which will have us finishing up in Cape Town. We transited 3000 km's in 4 days through Tanzania, a route neither of us have seen before (of course we usually run the trip through Malawi). The scenery was outstanding however the boarder crossing was utter chaos, thank God we don't have to get passengers over this boarder!!
Any way we're here now and we have 9 passengers joining us on the trip of a life time which will see them bush camping in Botswana, climbing sand dunes in Namibia, game driving through some of the best parks in Southern Africa and exploring the different cultures and walks of life in Cape Town.
Today will mark our departure from Zambia and entry into Botswana where we will be spending 2 nights in the Chobe region game driving in Chobe National Park and cruising on the Chobe River. I'll let you know how we get on very soon. :)

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