Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Having left Swakopmund we headed straight to Spitzkoppe where we visited the bushmen paintings and arrived at camp in time for lunch. We decided (as it seemed we were the only ones camping here) to mix things up a bit and try a different camping spot (crazy i know!!). Our camp was nestled inbetween two tall rocky outcros which priveded the perdect climbing to pass the afternoon.
So i guess you're wondering about the title huh?!? Tigers in Africa??? Well not quite (fact of the day: there's no tigers here as it's beleived they couldn't cross the Sahara Desert?) However, one of my pax Dave decided to bring along a tiger suit!! Having set up the prank with myself and TJ he kept dropping commentns to the others like "hey guy's, you recon we're going to see a tiger?" to which everyone replied no way! Spitzkoppe provided the perfect setting and oppourtunity and whilst everyone was other wise distracted Dave slipped into the bush and slipped on his disguise.
It went something like this:
TJ: Hey Loz, you see that bush moving?
Me: What the hell? (trying so hard not to laugh as Dave pops his tiger donned head above the bush)
(pax now beginning to show some interest)
(Dave begins rustling bush)
Pax: Oh my god,,,is that a cat??
Pax: Holy shi* is it a leopard???
Pax: What the hell, it has stripes!!!
Pax: What??
(Dave continues bush rustling)
Pax: (now getting a little nervous) oh my God!!
(Me and TJ are trying so hard not to laugh)
Pax: What the (Dave no exposes his tiger suited bu,) HELL!!!

So after Spitzkoppe we headed North to Etosha where we stay for 2 nights ...It's always amazing to visit here in January, not necessarliy for the game viewing (which to be perfectly honest wasn't huge with only 1 of the big 5 being spotted as the recent rain meant that the animals are now free to roam instead of being tied to the man made watering holes), but insuch a short amount of time the park has been transformed from dry dusty and arid to lush and fragrant with this seasons rain fall!

Now we're on our merry way to the countries capital Windhoek where we will spend our afternoon mooching around the city and tonight (our last night in Namibia) will be celebrated at Joe's Beer House!!

Until next time...

P.S When my internet connection is better i PROMISE phot'os of the only tiger in Africa :)

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