Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well folks, it's that time again where we find ourselves back in the office and workshop preparing for another tour. Having had 2 weeks off to refresh (although it was over Christmas and New Years) we find ourselves chomping at the the bit to get back on the road again.
Tomorrow is our pre departure meeting where we will meet our new bunch of 'pax' who hopefully are all geared up for a trip of a life time. Some may only be doing an 11 day tour with us, some 19 days and maybe a few wild enough to do 41 days all the way to Nairobi, which ever decision has been made i can guarantee some amazing adventures are waiting to be had and even better memories are waiting to be made as we travel through this incredible continent!

But, in the mean time its's another few days in sunny Cape Town helping the workshop prepare our truck (MARA is back!!) and helping the office to finalise our paperwork and some of our bookings and let us not forget the enormous bulk buy that I am gearing up for today to make sure we're all well prepared for the tour. What a great way to celebrate the New Year!!

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